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Enroll now for three simple online or audio read-along seminars that make it easy for you to:

  • Bypass DMV Instructor & Operator license renewal testing
  • Document your understanding of all instructor & driver regulations
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of California’s “rules of the road”
  • Increase your personal driving skills
  • Improve your Driver Education Instructor performance
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How it works:

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  • Repeat quizzes and testing as often as you like.
  • Complete each seminar and print out your completion certificate.
  • Take your three seminar completion certificates to DMV

Quality seminar curriculum

Seminar 1

  • Understanding driver psychology
  • The dangers of distracted driving”
  • Developing “Rules of the Road” expertise

Seminar 2

  • Assessing Road Conditions and Driving Environments
  • Defensive driving skills and habits
  • How to protect yourself from injury in an accident

Seminar 3

  • Understanding the California Vehicle Code
  • Instructional Defensive Driving
  • First aid for accident victims and first responders


DMV Driving Instructor and Operator License renewals require:
Re-testing every three years...OR evidence of continuing Professional Education by completing the seminar coursework at DrivingSchoolSeminar.com.
Want to avoid the DMV requirements for Driving Instructor or Operator Certificate renewal testing?
Here’s how to do it easily and in complete privacy:

  • Just take our three DMV-approved seminars at your own pace.
  • After you complete each seminar, print out your Certificate of Completion
  • Take your Certificates of Completion and your renewal application to DMV.
That’s it!

You’ll no longer need to take any more DMV renewal tests!

California DMV continuing education requirements include:
18 hours of seminar learning
Three six-hour classes
Different course materials addressed in each class
Participants must complete all classes and topics
Classes can be taken in any order.

Take these three seminars on your own time and schedule, and in complete privacy.
You can review and repeat the seminars whenever your license comes up for renewal.

Simply retain copies of your Certificates of Completion to bypass any future DMV testing requirements.

All DrivingSchoolSeminar.com coursework has been created and designed by driving instructor and traffic school education professionals. Their instructional expertise guarantees both the quality of your personal seminar materials and your complete understanding of the subject matter.

Each seminar is presented in an easily-absorbed, and dynamic way that creates an entertaining and engaging experience and will help you to become a more confident, professional, and accomplished Driving Instructor or Operator.